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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy On this site, we consider the privacy of visitors, because for us it is very important. This privacy policy document describes in detail about the types of personal information collected and recorded by and how we use them.

 > About Privacy Visitors
Keeping your privacy while visiting website is very important to us. We will not send you the privacy of data (such as email addresses, IP no computer, operating system, web browser program, etc.) to any party that is not associated with the site We are committed to respecting the privacy of data collected anonymous visitors.

> About Legalization and License Illustrated article
= site contains information in the form of articles with pictures. Each article is written based on the summary of several articles and books related to the contents of the title of each article. At the end of each article will provide names of contributors who made the title and content of the article and license images of the article will be published at the bottom of the image as well as the end of the article. As for when we re-release or revise some parts of the article that leads into us at one particular site, then we will inform the final section of the article along with a link source (with the proviso that we had asked for approval / contact the blog admin resources), and at the beginning of the article, we will also give the code words according to the title of the sites that serve as resources for the re-release of the article. Ex: TABLOID MASTER - FIELD PHOTO - the content of the article.

> About Copy / Wrought Articles
PROHIBITED visitors to take action to copy / wrought contents of each article on the site except in the context of learning / teaching or to have prior approval from the admin Tim Rice Web. And for visitors who violates this provision, then the punishment will be handed over to the DMCA Protection and the Almighty.

> About Media Advertising
In this site visitors will see some of the ads provided by PPC or CPM, because we do use third party advertisements to support our site. Some of these ad publishers may use cookies when display ads on our site, which is also sent to advertisers (such as Google through the AdSense program) information will be the IP (Internet Protocol) your ISP (Internet Service Provider), the internet browser you are using etc. Usually it is used for the purpose of targeting ads based on location (such as display advertising properties in Jakarta) or display appropriate ads based on sites you have visited (such as showing ads gadget for those who frequently visited sites gadget). Therefore, you should know that we are not responsible for the creative or in other words SITE OWNER BE LIABLE IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH OUR ADVERTISERS, because all responsibility for advertising material rests with the advertisers.

> About the Privacy Amendment
From time to time, we may revise this Privacy Policy. All substantial changes to this policy will be enforced. This Privacy Policy was last updated on: Monday, February 23, 2015, 17:21.

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